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Architectural Concrete Serves as Shear Wall
By: The Aberdeen Group  
Architectural as well as structural, the shear walls were cast with a ribbed exterior surface....
Analyzing Poetry
By: Bow Valley College  
Analyzing a poem may seem like an impossible task if one does not approach the assignment calmly. A successful analysis can be written using a simple ...
Aerosols Over Australia
By: Katherine Leitzell  
Beach goers in Darwin, Australia, have given up their bikinis and bare chests. Instead, they shield their skin from the blistering sun with long sleev...
A Dictionary of Colour
By: Ian Paterson  
We experience most other stimulae through two or more senses each corroborating the other. We can, for example, both hear and feel sound and we can se...
10 Top Photography Composition Rules
By: Amatuer Snapper  
The only rule in photography is that there are no rules. However, there are many composition guidelines which can be applied in al...
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