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To get started... select a template from below:

Clicking one of the following thumbnails will load that template with a pre-made design as a starting point:
You are currently not logged into a user account. So your designs/images will only be visible for the current session. When logged your designs can be assigned to your ID for use at a later date. Click to Login or Register.

Our eBook Cover Designer is FREE to use. eBook Covers can be designed online from these web pages and then saved, download or sent by email. The eBook Cover Designer will create a full sized image and a thumbnail of each design, saving your settings for comparison and future use. All templates provide the ability to use any background color or background image. Select a template from above to best suit the image.

How to start designing your eBook Cover Art

The first decision that you need to make is whether you want just try the eBook Cover Designer for fun or start creating designs that you can keep and work with at a later date. If you are just trying it for fun, then your next step is to select a design template from above.

Anonymous users without an account

You can use the eBook Cover Designer without an account, however any images that you upload and any designs that you create will only be locatable for your current session. This means that if you leave the site, close your web browser or if there is a period of inactivity then you will lose track of any current work. Of course the simple solution is to create an account, then you can break sessions or return another day and your images and designs will still be here waiting for you.

How to create an account to save your designs for later

To track and locate your images and designs, you need to create an account to which they can be related. Account creation is FREE and the only requirement is that you need to nominate a working email address so that you can confirm your account before using it.

Background images and cover images

New images can be uploaded for both full background images and featured middle images, or you can select from the 100 odd stock images and textures already provided. Any images can be uploaded, even images straight from your digital camera, as you will be able to select all or partial areas of the image and have them cropped to size and automatically adjusted for web use. All images are full size, as they appear in real life. For example the normal paperback sized is used which is 314 x 507 pixels (10.5 cm wide x 17.8 cm high).

Copyright, image stock and shared images

Images that you upload here are not available to other users if you have an account to which they can be assigned. Otherwise all images uploaded as anonymous users may be made available to all other users. The Image stock provided by the eBook Cover Designer belong to the public domain and are royalty free.

Publishing your eBooks

As you may have noticed this site provides an online shopping cart for eBooks, and a means of distribution for copy protected eBooks and documents that cannot be forwarded for unauthorized distribution. Our protected eBook solution is the most secure document protection available today. By using our eBook Cover Designer there is no obligation to use our protected eBook service. Our eBook Cover Design Service is free to use and the eBook DRM Service is also free to use providing you either use CopySafe PDF Protector for encrypting your eBooks or are a subscribed user of the Hosted DRM Service.

Image quality and file formats

The images that you cerate here will be in JPG format however you can upload GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG images. The image quality is for use on the web (displayed on web pages) and optimized for fast downloads by maintaining 80% picture quality at 72 DPI. The final images may not be suitable for final art to send to your printer, but they can certainly be used as design guide to show your printer what you have in mind.

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