About the CopySafe eBook Store

The CopySafe eBook Store is a free service provided to authors of copy protected publications.

The difference between the CopySafe eBook Store and other eBook listing services is that eBooks created using CopySafe and ArtistScope solutions are protected from copying and unauthorized distribution using the most secure solutions available today, while all other eBook solutions are not very well protected at all. In fact most eBook formats have actually been designed to be so portable that they can be read in a variety of different eBook readers and on a variety of different platforms, which makes copy protection and the enforcement of a DRM policy impossible to maintain.

While some authors only think as far as making a sale of their eBook, others are thinking beyond sales and considering the loss of their livelihood from the unauthorized distribution and forwarding to others. Without proper protection an author only needs to sell one copy for it to be forwarded onto others, thus depriving the author of further revenue and livelihood.

Unless an author intends to encourage the free distribution of their eBooks, then they need to use CopySafe PDF and the CopySafe eBook Store which has been specially designed to manage protected publications.

What the CopySafe eBook Store provides

The CopySafe eBook Store provides everything that an author needs to publish, sell and distribute their publication.

  • Document conversion from Microsoft Word originals
  • Options for copy protection from all methods of save and copy including screen capture
  • Options for print prevention and/or limitation of the number of prints allowed
  • Options for setting expiry dates that cannot be thwarted by altering a computer's clock
  • Access rights management of users and documents with total control
  • Unlimited and free listings for copy protected eBooks in our online catalogues
  • Process sales through a preferred third party gateway like PayPal
  • Provide custom invoicing with download instructions for online delivery
  • Manage access rights to sold eBooks
  • Full statistics and tracking of sales and document usage
  • Online Book Cover Designer to create art and images

Who is eligible to publish eBooks in the CopySafe eBook Store?

Anyone can list eBooks for sale in the CopySafe eBook Store catalogues providing their listing meets the following criteria. See a publishing guideline.

eBook requirements for inclusion in the CopySafe eBook Store catalogues

  • All eBooks must be in the ENC format produced by an ArtistScope solution
  • eBooks must be uploaded via your control panel for registration in the system
  • A PayPal (or similar) account reference must be nominated for online sales
  • Adult rated content must not be displayed in a catalogue listing/advertisement
  • eBooks cannot contain or promote anything considered to be illegal internationally
  • Unlimited and free listings for copy protected eBooks in our online catalogues

Creating eBooks in protected format

ArtistScope provide a variety of options for the creation of secure documents. See a publishing guideline.

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