Copy Protect PDF and Ebooks

NOTE: Copysafe PDF uses encrypted PDF that can be displayed on Windows computers only. If not intended for a corporate network, a better solution for WordPress sites and one that can be viewed on all devices including mobile phones, is SafeGuard Media.

CopySafe PDF Protection is the most secure solution available if you want to copy protect PDF files. Currently it is the only solution available in the world that can protect PDF from all avenues of copy including PrintScreen and screen capture. The CopySafe PDF Converter will protect PDF documents that already exists by including the CopySafe runtime and either produce an embedded viewer and/or a smaller PDF library file that can be read in the free CopySafe PDF Reader… ideal for distribution by download, email or on CD for Windows whether online or offline.

  • Copy protect PDF that cannot be extracted to copy images and text
  • Copy protect PDF that cannot be converted to other document types
  • Copy protect PDF from saving even though they have been downloaded
  • Copy protect PDF from PrintScreen
  • Copy protect PDF from all screen capture software
  • Copy protect PDF with an optional password
  • Copy protect PDF with optional print protection
  • Copy protect PDF with optional expiration date

When importing PDF created by Adobe Acrobat that already have set password, expiry or watermark, those options are maintained in the CopySafe encrypted version.

CopySafe PDF Reader

The CopySafe PDF Reader is available as a free download to the public, anyone that needs to view CopySafe protected PDFs.

CopySafe PDF Converter

The CopySafe PDF Converter is a licensed program that imports existing PDF files, encrypts them into library files that can be opened with the free CopySafe PDF Reader.

CopySafePDF Converter

Images and text cannot be copied

It is impossible to copy the images and text used in a CopySafe PDF protected document, even by using PrintScreen or screen capture software.

Optional Password Protection

A password can be set at the time encryption to prevent unauthorized distribution. Without the correct password the document cannot be opened.

Optional Expiration

An expiry date can be set after which the document cannot be opened. Of course this is optional and expiration does not need to be set.

Optional Print Control

Printing can be disabled at the time of conversion, or you can leave it enabled to allow printing.

Content Cannot Be Extracted

The CopySafe PDF Converter will import any existing PDF document and encrypt it into a single archive, preventing the extraction of its components, source code and password (if one is set).

Versatility and Uses

  • Security options already installed by Adobe PDF are maintained
  • You can now distribute text documents that cannot be reproduced at all.
  • You can now send images and drawings to clients that cannot be copied.
  • You can also password protect or set expiration.

Creating CopySafe PDF documents

The CopySafe PDF Converter can create a standalone Viewer/PDF executable or create a library to be read in the CopySafe PDF Reader.

Viewing a CopySafe PDF document

To view a CopySafe PDF executable all you need to do is double click the file. It includes its own viewer and does not require anything more than Windows. To view PDF libraries (.enc) you can use the CopySafe PDF Reader which is a free public download. CopySafe PDF documents can be scrolled from page to page, zoomed in and out, and rotated in either direction.

Installing the Reader

Simply copying the viewer executable to a new computer will not work. The original installer as provided in the free download must be used for it to function properly.

How does it work?

CopySafe PDF is very simple to use and can be used by anyone with little to no skill at all. To protect a PDF document all you need to do is:

1. Open the CopySafe PDF Converter
2. Select the PDF file to protect
3. Select the library/standalone option
4. Set expiration date or password (if required)
5. Click the “Create” button

Licensing and Prices

More information on price and how to order online can be found on the CopySafe PDF home page.

Other Versions

CopySafe PDF Protection is for converting normal PDF documents to a protected format that can be distributed and viewed offline. To copy protect your web site please see CopySafe Web Protection which will copy protect almost all content that can be displayed on a web page.