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Digital Rights Management (DRM) for eBooks and PDF documents
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Hosted DRM Portal

Listing eBooks in the CopySafe eBook Store is free, and there are no commissions due on any sales from those items. In fact the CopySafe eBook Store is a totally free service for authors who use CopySafe PDF Protector to create their copy protected eBooks/documents. The CopySafe PDF Protector can be purchased for use on your own computer or it can used online via this Rights Management Portal.

If you have a license for CopySafe PDF Protector you are eligible for a free account in this system, otherwise you can rent the portal as a hosted web service with all software supplied server-side and operable from any computer.

Option A: high volume, business use - Paying a fixed rental fee per month is ideal for high-volume situations, such as distributing an e-book and sending out company-wide memos. Keep your costs under control with the peace of mind of a fixed monthly fee and no extra costs, regardless of volume.

Option B: low volume, casual use - Paying per document validation is the perfect plan for those distributing documents to a small number of users. Only pay for what you use.

 Hosted DRM Service:
 Option A:   Periodic billing (unlimited use)  Starting from $50/month  
 Option B:   Per document validated (prepaid hits)   Starting from 18 cents/hit

The form below will enable you to calculate different plan/usage scenarios:

 Setup fee:
 Shared database  $45 new account setup fee [
 Billing options:
A:  Periodic billing *
12 months
6 months
  3 months
  1 month 
B:  Prepaid validations 
* paying by month includes unlimited documents/validations during the period.

Licensing and prices

The prices above are for renting the DRM service and most useful for short term campaigns. But if your distribution will run indefinitely then purchasing a CopySafe PDF license will prove much more economical because the DRM service is provided for free with every CopySafe PDF license.  More information on software prices and how to order online can be found on the CopySafe PDF home page.
Setting Up Your Own Service
The complete document rights management solution (everything that we provide here)  can be purchased for installation on your own server. All you need is admin rights on a Windows Server and the components that you see listed here... ArtistScope DRM Portal for PDF.

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To purchase

First complete the price calculation, then on the next form complete your company details. Then click the button for "Pay by Bank Transfer" to generate a purchase order to print. You will also receive a copy of the order by email including instructions for payment by bank transfer.

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Other payment methods

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Bank transfer payments

If you choose to pay by bank transfer the instructions and bank details will be sent by email. Please ensure that you print a copy of the order for your records.


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