About CopySafe

Answering the call for copy protection for artists on the web, our team introduced image encryption for display on web pages. The Secure Image software imported normal images and encrypted them with Domain Lock so that they could only be viewed from their web site. The downloaded image in browser cache is secure and the encrypted images stored on a server are secure from everyone including your webmaster.

This was back in 1998 when very few knew about PrintScreen (less than 10% of web developers). Image protection was a new and so became the sport of exploiting it. In 1999 we developed the first CopySafe plugin to prevent PrintScreen and screen capture.

Over the years we have seen may new startups speculating on the novelty of copy protection, and we have seen as many disappear because protecting content in an ever changing environment is an ongoing challenge. The masses do not want copy protection because they want everything to be easily obtainable and for free. Those that need copy protection are but a few.

CopySafe solutions have been designed to be most effective but easily deployed by anyone familiar with using applications beyond basic email and web browsing.

CopySafe Web is used to protect web content for intranet, Internet and on CD. Many banks and financial institutions around the world use CopySafe Web for the level of security that it can provide, especially within a private network. CopySafe Web does not require a special/dedicated server and will run from any web site or web page in the world.

The CopySafe PDF Reader was specially designed to protect PDF documents from all methods of copy and reproduction. It is the only solution that will protect from all threats including PrintScreen and screen capture. Other viewers only provide password, print, expiry and watermark options while CopySafe PDF includes them all.

CopySafe Video provides the most secure protection for video that can be distributed for desktop reading with DRM to prevent sharing, or for online viewing from web pages using one of our CMS add-ons for Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress.

Comparing the alternatives

There are none! CopySafe is the only solution that lives up to all advertised claims. Today, CopySafe solutions remain to be the most secure and most portable solutions available.