ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

NOTE: ASPS requires a dedicated server or VPS. But WordPress sites on shared hosting servers can use ASPS indirectly via the SafeGuard Media plugin.

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is a two-part solution that provides the most secure web-viewing environment possible. Nothing is left unprotected to copy or exploit with the ASPS filter running server side to deliver encrypted content to the ArtisBrowser on the user's computer. ASPS provides the best solution for copy protecting all web content:

  • Prevents download and save of web pages, html and their content.
  • Prevents Print Screen , screen capture and screen recording.
  • Prevents media and image downloaders from obtaining links.
  • Prevents all data leakage and protects database records.
  • Protects all web page media including Flash, PDF and video.
  • Delivers all web requests and responses using the strongest encryption.
  • Supports all web applications, scripting languages and SSL.
  • Supports easy integration with any third party CSS or DRM solution.
  • No special treatment required for any media (no encryption required).

The ArtisBrowser is a secure browser used to view ASPS protected content. Visitors to sites using ASPS will automatically switch back and forth between their browser of choice and Web Reader depending on whether they are viewing ASPS content or normal web pages.

ASPS will provide the most secure copy protection imaginable, securing any media, data and links that can be displayed on your web pages. Whether a website uses plain HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, .Net, SharePoint or Cold Fusion, ASPS will allow the server to assemble your web page on the fly, then encrypt it for delivery in such a way that only the ArtisBrowser can interpret.

Why use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)?

Today, we have numerous brands of web browsers and most of them are clones of either Internet Explorer or Mozilla and are designed with the same goal in mind that is to become the most popular browser. To enhance that popularity, their makers continually add options to enable users to easily search, find and download all types of media regardless of copyright or restrictions imposed by authors.

Webmasters and designers wanting to protect web content need to employ robust solutions for copy protection. However, this can be quite impossible to guarantee protection because they are at the mercy of web browsers that allow the addition of add-ons as aids in piracy and other means to disable features and plugins utilized by site owners. The advent of the ArtistScope secure web browser provides you with an alternative to use if you want to protect your site's content. The ArtisBrowser overcomes all of these problems and to date, there is nothing else in the world like it.

What is the ArtisBrowser?

The ArtisBrowser is a most sophisticated web browser. It is not a shell or skin wrapped around your default web browser. Consequently it is not governed by your default browser settings and nothing can be disabled without preventing the ArtisBrowser to run and function as intended. For the technically minded its core is similar to the Firefox web browser, but it is most definitely a separate entity that has been rebuilt from the ground up to ensure that it cannot be exploited.

How Does ASPS Compare To Other Solutions?

Frankly, there is no other web browser that can offer comparable copy protection for web content. Yes, there are browsers that are designed for web exams that offer some user restrictions but they cannot provide protection from all methods of copy. There are also some web browser clones, (skinned versions of IE) that claim to protect web content and while they may hamper the use of Print Screen and other hotkeys, their protection from screen capture software relies on a list of known programs. Anyone using a new application or renaming the screen capture executable can easily exploit such deceptive protection. Nor do browser clones provide any protection for media that is downloaded. All browsers store everything that they download in a temporary internet folder (cache) and most modern video- and image-grab software retrieves media from that browser cache. In contrast, the ArtisBrowser is designed to leave no avenue for exploit.

The CopySafe Web Protection plugin can provide secure copy protection from all screen capture and screen recording software and it is supported in all popular Windows web browsers. But as an add-on to a generic web browser it is at the mercy of those browser designers who are more interested in being popular with the masses by exposing web content rather than protecting it. Hence, the need for the ArtisBrowser which is a complete web browser that is specially designed throughout to prevent all exploits and has a built-in mechanism as an integral component to prevent screen capture.

How Does ASPS Work?

ASPS delivers web content from the server direct to the web browser in an encrypted format that only the ArtisBrowser can decode. The content on the server does not need to be encrypted and there is no double-handling required to prepare any web content for delivery via ASPS. This means that anything delivered from a website, including database records, media and web pages created on the fly using absolutely any programming language, will most securely be delivered from server to the user's web reader without any opportunity of copy, duplication or retrieval.

Websites can contain both protected and public content (for search engines and casual visitors) without any segregation. Any pages, which can be normal html pages, that you want restricted for use by the ArtisBrowser only need to include an extra meta-tag. When that tag is detected by the server it will be delivered in encrypted form, and only the ArtisBrowser will be able to decode that page and display it. All other web browsers and devices will receive a legible error message, and even if they try to spoof the system, all they will get is an encrypted blob that will take NASA a month of Sundays to decrypt.

ArtisBrowser integrity ArtisBrowser Integrity

The ArtisBrowser can explore your web site and media just like any other web browser, except that nothing can be copied or saved in any way, unless you specifically allow it. With the ArtisBrowser your web security is no longer dependent on third-party plugins; nor is it dependent on limitations imposed by changes to system security policy because the components that provide the security for your content are an integral part of the ArtisBrowser core. So if the ArtisBrowser is tampered with in any way, then it will not run and your web content will not be downloaded or displayed... a more secure scenario can never exist.

ArtisBrowser Web Performance

First point to realize is that of all the web browsers available today, they all have one thing in common and that is "false advertising". They all claim to be superior, faster and more secure, but overall there is little difference. They all depend on errors and exploits that are developed as time goes by and can creep into updates. Otherwise, they are all secure. As for internet speed, they are all the same and what a lot of people don't realize is that the thing that affects it is how actually how busy the connection is on both ends of the user's internet connection and the web server at the other end. Apart from methods of caching DNS requests and forcing the retention of cache, there is not much that can be done for speed without sacrificing security checks.

Otherwise users will find that the ArtisBrowser is comparable to every other web browser in technology, performance and media support, except for one thing, which is the total absence of cache. Nothing can be retrieved from browser cache or memory. Consequently, revisiting pages and media that may already have been downloaded will not be quicker.

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