Video Copy Protection - Copy Protect Video

NOTE: Copysafe Video uses encrypted video that can be displayed on Windows computers only. If not intended for a corporate network, a better solution for WordPress sites and one that can be viewed on all devices including mobile phones, is SafeGuard Media.

The most secure all round copy protction solutions for video are provided by ArtistScope. ArtistScopew invented copy protection for web content in 1998 and have been the leading immovator of copy protection for the Internet ever since. But the Internat has changed and so have the devices that can access the Internet, which is why ArtistScope provides a variety of different solutions to cater for the many different scenarios.

  • Copy Protecting Video Online

    The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) provides the most secure copy protection environment ever conceived. ASPS is a server moule that encrypts web pages that only the Artisbrowser can decode, and while those web pages are on display in the ArtisBrowser, they are most securely protected form all save and copy exploits including PrintScreen, screen capture, screen recording, media downloaders, etc.

    ASPS is supported on all computers and devices including mobile phones. The ArtisBrowser, a secure web browser especially designed to copy protect media (where all other browsers fail) is available for all Windows, Mac OSX, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android phones. Click for more information about the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS).

  • Copy Protecting Video on the Desktop

    To copy protect video for download and display on a computer desktop, the choice is limited because while Copysafe Video Protection is the most secure DRM and copy protection solution for video, it is for Windows users only.

    Click for more information about CopySafe Video Protection.

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is the most secure solution for copy protecting web pages and media. Via the ArtisBrowser pages cannot be saved, copied or exploited in any way, and when SSL is used packet sniffers are left with no clue.

While ASPS does provide the most secure copy protection for web pages, it does not include DRM (access rights control) because most sites already use a CMS like WordPress and the choice of many plugins for membership controls. But if you need to go beyond "password protection" that can be shared, see the SafeGuard DRM plugin for WordPress.

ASPS usually requires a dedicated server or VPS for the rights to install the ASPS server module at system level. But a new solution known as SafeGuard Media can now be used on any WordPress web page that will copy protect video displayed in an iFrame. That video can be hosted anywhere such as Dropbox or Amazon S3 cloud and other file sharing services.

ASPS and ArtisBrowser support all computers and devices including phones. But if your audience is Windows only, then CopySafe Video provides online viewing of encrypted video embedded on web pages. CMS plugins are available for DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress.

To copy protect live video streams, please see How to copy protect live video stream.

Copysafe Video Protection

The CopySafe Video Protection software provides everything that is needed for the encryption and distribution of copy protected video files both online and offline including:

  • Video converter to encrypt ASF, AVI, MP4 and WMF video files.
  • Desktop video player that plays encrypted video from file or disk.
  • Optional DRM control as a hosted service or software for user management.

CopySafe Video Encoder

The CopySafe Video Encoder can be used to convert single video files into a proprietary H264 format. H264 is the latest video compression format that does not compromise quality even at greatly reduced file sizes. For example, a 300 MB ASF video, which is already optimized for quality/size, can be further reduced in file size to about 200 MB without any loss in quality. Flash files are not supported, since a Flash video is usually the result of conversion from a higher quality AVI or MP4 original.

The CopySafe Video Encoder will import and encrypt most types of video files for display in the CopySafe Video Player and ArtisBrowser, with the following output options:

  • Copy protected for general distribution by email, download or on disk.
  • Copy protected with DRM for distribution by email, download or on disk.
  • Copy protected for online viewing from a web page.
  • Copy protected for online viewing from a web page using domain lock.

CopySafe Video Protection software provides DRM protection for both online and offline viewing. When DRM is used, the Media Player will automatically check the user's status at the DRM Portal if one is authorized to view the video. However, if an Internet connection cannot be found or if the user is offline, then the Media Player will check its registry for imported certificate files.

CopySafe Video Player

The CopySafe Video Player is the only media player capable of decoding the proprietary H264 encrypted video files. While on display videos aremost securely protected from all save and copy exploits including PrintScreen, screen capture, screen recording, etc.

CopySafe Video DRM

CopySafe Video can be deploied with copy ptotection only, or it can also include DRM controls to prevent sharing and unauthorised redistribution. When DRM is applied videos can be locked to a user's computer to prevent sharing. When DRM is applied, the file can be shared but no-one without your expicit permssion to view will ever be able to open the video. Click to create a free 14-day trial for CopySafe Video DRM.

CopySafe Video Licensing

The CopySafe Video Player is a free download to the public. The CopySafe Video Encoder software licence is a one-time purchase with free support for life. The DRM account for user access management is included in with thelicence.

For more information, pricing and trial software, please visit the parent site for CopySafe Video Protection.