How To Join The CopySafe Book Store

Use of the CopySafe Online Book Store to sell and manage ebook sales is FREE to all licensed users of the CopySafe PDF Protection software.

Each licensee is entitled to:

  • Free use of the DRM portal for managing documents, ebooks, groups and subscribers.
  • Free use of the online book store to sell ebooks with no commission payable on sales.
  • Free use of the online book cover design tool.
  • Free support for life.
  • Free software upgrades for life.

Purchase CopySafe PDF Software

Each license includes free support and upgrades for life, the DRM Portal service for free without limitation, use of our online book cover design tool and the promotion/sales of ebooks without limitation in our online book store free of commission.

The licensing for the CopySafe PDF Protector software is per computer (the one used to encrypt your PDF). The order form will automatically calculate the discount for multiple licenses. Although licensing is required, the software is not required to upload and distribute PDF from your DRM account.

CopySafe PDF Protector Software   For unlimited use on a single computer      $295

Note: That the CopySafe PDF Reader is free to redistribute to your users without any limitations. It is only the encryption software (the CopySafe PDF Protector) that needs to be licensed. Both the Protector and the Reader are supported on all 32-bit and 64-bit computers from Windows XP to Windows 10.