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Aspects of Keeping Pet Rabbits in Australia

Author: Bryce Inglis

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A recent phone survey by Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage (2010) established that the largest re-homer of rabbits in Victoria is the Australian Animal Protection Society (AAPS) followed by the RSPCA.

Rabbit Runaway Orphanage (RRO) a registered charity, in the first year of operation was the third largest re-homer of rabbits in Victoria. This is not a reflection of marketing power but rather a reflection of the current high kill rates at other shelters (80- 95%), which are unavoidable under current legislation.

RRO rehomes lost or abandoned rabbits as well as those surrendered, where we try to work out the underlying issues causing the surrender with the owners if possible. However, the main purpose of RRO is to assist shelters and pounds with rehoming of their rabbits.

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