The Book of Snobs

The Book of Snobs
Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
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The necessity of a work on Snobs, demonstrated from History and proven by felicitous illustration - I am the individual destined to write that work. My vocation is announced in terms of eloquence.
We have all read a statement, (the authenticity of which I take leave to doubt entirely, for upon what calculations I should like to know is it founded?) - we have all, I say, been favoured by perusing a remark, that when the times and necessities of the world call for a Man, that individual is found.

Thus at the French Revolution (which the reader will be pleased to have introduced so early), when it was requisite to administer a corrective dose to the nation, Robespierre was found a most foul and nauseous dose indeed, and swallowed eagerly by the patient, greatly to the latter*s ultimate advantage: thus, when it became necessary to kick John Bull out of America, Mr. Washington stepped forward, and performed that job to satisfaction: thus, when the Earl of Aldborough was unwell, Professor Holloway appeared with his pills, and cured his lordship, as per advertisement, &#38c. &#38c..

Numberless instances might be adduced to show that when a nation is in great want, the relief is at hand just as in the Pantomime (that microcosm) where when CLOWN wants anythinga warming- pan, a pump-handle, a goose, or a lady*s tippet - a fellow comes sauntering out from behind the side-scenes with the very article in question.
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