It's the economy...

It's the economy...
Author: CDeuker
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It's the economy … Essay on Identity, Democracy and Economy. A reply to Fukuyama's notion Democracy doesn't found Identity
The motivation to this essay came from an interview with Francis
Fukuyama in the German newspaper 'Die Zeit' with the heading
that democracy does not found identity [Thumann, M. Assheuer,
T. 2016].
In this essay it is argued, that identity is a product of social communication through the internalization of not self-induced references to social categories by social practices. The immediate reciprocity of social practices provides the evolution of identity. Complexity of social communication is affected by quality and quantity. The economic impact towards society is increasing interactions and social complexity. Focusing on the quality of social practices will lead to mechanic solidarity, which is based on finding differences. Focusing on the quantity of social practices will lead to organic solidarity or the acceptance of differences. Complexity of social communication is balanced through the quality of mechanic and quantity of organic solidarity.
Formal institutions, based on the democratic idea of a conjoint social system, can foster the evolution of identity to a growing population by diminishing social complexity though social practices and organic solidarity. Mechanic solidarity with the focus on quality is diminishing complexity by a reduction in the reference unit or
The economic impact towards society with qualitative and quantitative aspects in communicational complexity is fundamental for governance and formal institutions and affecting identity.
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