1-23 Creating invention incentives

Author: Mohammad RAD
Price: $3.00 (Australian Dollars)
aHI, I always declare that your program is designed excellently, we are highly protected, so happy to purchase it. I also always declared that your support is excellent, without that, I could never use your application.
I wonder with this high quality product, why your clients are +500, they should have been at least 10 times more. If you work on your introduction on Internet, you will get much more clients.
I also, always said that your documentation are not supporting your high quality application, they are far behind. Due to this fact, I am so much attached at your support. This is why lots of Email. My questions that I could not found in your docs or FAQ, I was obliged to ask. If you know any other way, please let me know. Need to say that I am not new comer, well acquainted with software's. Better documents, less questions
Improving your documentation is the advice from user point of view you can take it into account and over view your docs. . If you like, please let me know, I will tell you my point of view, as user.
There is a point that worth to mention. Your application is designed for automatic distribution of publications, as you said it works properly. I intend to use the same procedure as well. But before that, I needed to work manually to see, once it is automated, how it works. There, there was some minor error. In theory, you should have been happy to find some small and minor bug for improving your application. You should be glad that your system, positively, put under severe work, so that the small bugs appear. Lots of Email was originated from this point. A bug free software does not exist.
I am so sorry to use nonsense word, this is due to my poor level of English, I went through, I really did not mean that. Sorry for that.
I believe software producers and their client are well attached to each other for long term. Any improvement in your system, I am the one to profit from it. In my turn, I should try to
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