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Taming Savage Design-S2n16-04-01
By: CDeuker  
Taming Savage Design. Methodological Implications on Wildlife-Biological Design Planning ...
ESAI Estimator for Aerial Imagery - S2n-15-05-01
By: CDeuker U. Franke  
ESAI – Estimator for Aerial Imagery. Density estimation for Wildlife Monitoring using vertical image...
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 3
By: David Lammin  
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 3 'Embracing Adulthood as a Skateboarder'. ...
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 2
By: David Lammin  
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 2 'Skateboarding beyond boyhood and brotherhood'. ...
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 1
By: David Lammin  
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy Book 1 'Boyhood and Skateboarding' ...
Transition Skateboarding Trilogy - Free Intro
By: David Lammin  
'Transition's Template'. The complete introduction to the epic saga the 'Transition Skateboarding Trilog...
How to Video Record Snooker
By: William Kent  
The guide below will provide simple instructions on how to quickly record, edit without fuss and upload to YouTube while avoiding common pitfalls....
Billiard Room Etiquette
By: William Kent  
Whether playing socially or in competition, all players need to be aware of billiard room etiquette that is employed and expected almost everywhere th...
Shenkov's Children
By: Anthony Newberry  
Shenkov's Children is a work of fiction based on an historical event....
The Resting Place
By: Gerritje Galloway  
The Resting Place is the first of a series by Gerritje Galloway about the local history of Moreton Bay and the beginning of Queensland....
Winemaking as a Handcraft
By: Adam Gibson  
Hand-picked, dry land-grown (without irrigation) and of course organic, Humes wines are refreshingly different from most Australian whites on ...
Who Owns Copyright
By: Australian Copyright Council  
This information sheet is for people who want to know who owns copyright when a work is first created....
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